Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day. Flooring and the Red Sox

You might wonder the connection between the three....but really it's not that big of a stretch. See, we wanted wide plank floors for the house, like the ones you would have seen 200 years ago, and still can in really old homes. We saw some last summer at Acadian Historical Village! We found a company in New Hampshire, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, who makes the most beautiful wide plank floor. What we have discovered is that they also have the best customer service, bar none, of anyone we have ever dealt with. So we have paid the deposit, and we're going to go pick up our floors on August 14th. (You'll hear and see more about this later and I've added a link on the side!)

Now, Carlisle also just happens to be two hours from Boston. Home of Fenway and the Red Sox, not that Gary likes the Sox, but since we're there (almost) we thought we might as well take in the game. And (totally by coincidence of course) ;) the Red Sox are at home. So our trip for the floors will also feature a side jaunt to Boston.

Which brings me to Father's Day...we told Gary to find the tickets he wanted, and a hotel, and that would be his Father's Day gift. So, Happy Father's Day. Go Sox. Can't wait to see the floors.....

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