Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well, our THIRD plumber just quit.

The first one we had lined up decided to go out West, and left before we even started the house.

Plumber No 2 was great; he came and did all the rough plumbing in the basement floor before the concrete was poured. Then he decided to go out West too. But he arranged for another plumber, who came up with him and looked at the job...we thought we were all set.

So today plumber number three calls, and says "Sorry, we're just too busy." Holy frick. And of course we're at the point where we need a plumber in the next couple of weeks to get the rough plumbing in so we can insulate and drywall. GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

I called the father of a high-school classmate and threw myself at his mercy...he is retired though, and already doing more extra projects than he wants. But he is going to let me know. Everyone cross everything....fingers, toes, hair follicles, whatever....

And I have also called everyone I know and asked for names of plumbers...of course we've already been through three of the five they have mentioned, so I have two names to try on Monday.....*SIGH* (Ok Shasta, NOW I am a bit stressed....)

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