Sunday, November 2, 2008

One step forward, two steps back...

That's what it feels like lately. Gary is off for four weeks working on the week is his last week. We had hoped to get the siding done and the drywall started while he was off. My brother is scheduled to come up and help next weekend with drywall (after we cancelled him last weekend since we weren't ready.)

So...the siding is almost done. Check.

**Rant on**
Insulate and drywall...on hold. Before we can even order the materials for this stage of the process (again, because of the way the bank draws work) we have to have the rough electrical, HVAC and plumbing done and inspected by both the building inspector and the CMHC inspector. Then, after the inspection, wait another couple of days for the money to arrive from the bank and THEN order the materials and start to insulate.

But once again, we're held up by plumbing. *sigh* The other two trades are done (and waiting patiently for payment). Even one of our two plumbers is almost done (they work together and one is doing the "out" and one is doing the "in"). The "in" plumber has done nothing...promised us a few weeks ago he could start in TWO weeks, two weeks have more than come and gone. Got a key and met us at the house over a week ago--was starting that week...nothing. Called him last weekend and he said he would be there Monday night...nope. Came on Tuesday and talked to Charlie, said he was going to get the materials and start that night....still more nothing. We're really frustrated at this point...there is no way we'll make a Christmas deadline. And we may even have to lay off Charlie for a few days unless this gets done right away. Oh, and once again we'll have to tell my brother we're not ready for his help....hopefully he will be able to come when and if we need him.

It's not like we don't have roof over our heads, and we know we'll finish eventually, but it would be nice if the plumbing could get done and we could move on....

**Rant over** Thanks for listening....

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