Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Can you sense my frustration?

CMHC is the most bureaucratic nightmare I have ever dealt with....even worse than the education system. Much worse in fact.

Dept of Environment suggests you do your water test after a period "normal usage" when the house is that the system has had a chance to be flushed. BUT CMHC requires a clean water test before 80% completion or they will not release more funding. So one agency is saying, you probably won't get a clean test yet, and another agency is saying you have to have a clean water test now. GAAAHHHH! And on top of that, if the lead is in the water we'll never have a "clean" test until it is filtered at the tap--you know, CMHC, those things that go on near the end of the building process??? When we are already more than 80% done???

CMHC, which is supposed to facilitate house building, is the one thing that has made this project more difficult and much more stressful....but what else should I expect from a govt agency....

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