Thursday, July 17, 2008

I have a new crush.... let me start with a little history...

Growing up my brother Andy's best friend was Greg Keating. Now they were ten years older than I was, and by the time I was six or seven I thought they were the best thing ever. One of the clearest memories from my childhood was their high school graduation reception line--I think I was seven. Andy gave me a hug and a kiss. Then Greg gave me a hug and a kiss...and I almost died. I had THE biggest crush for years after that.

Now Greg's brother Bernie is putting in our septic, and from my last post you know about the lift station, which is more expensive and can back up if the power goes out, requiring a generator. Anyway, Bernie met with the inspector and convinced him that, with some tweaking of the position, it could be done without one (the whole issue is how close we are to the river). So no lift station!! So while Greg will remain my first childhood love, I think that today he has been replaced in my affections by his brother Bernie. (Who I also remember from my younger days for his abilty to eat a whole apple in one bite, which he used to do to entertain us on the school bus!)

And I also have to mention Bernie's wife Jane, who I am sure will be so glad to have us out of her hair. I am sure she must hate to see our number come up on her caller ID, we have been bugging her so much. But she has lots of patience and is always so pleasant and efficient--Gary says she would make a good school secretary (and from a teacher that is a compliment! haha) We will be dropping off a little treat to Jane someday just to thank her!

Finally, some pictures from the last few days....we're moving on up!

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Shasta said...

I love the "turn" on the staircase.
Good news about the septic, that's great!