Monday, July 14, 2008

No new pics

But trust me, there is progress. Today they built the basement stairs, which are pretty cool with a nice turn at the end. And the phone got installed, so it is no longer a black hole (no cell service!). The rest of the week they'll be working on the main floor, which has very few interior walls, so should go pretty quick. Gary and I and the kiddos leave for the cottage Thursday night, and Charlie has the Irish Fest, so Friday is a holiday! We're not back until Tuesday night but Bowes is filling in for a couple of days as chief labourer/carpenter's helper. As per Bob Fitz's recommendation we have banned him from cutting, but really really really appreciate his help. Thank goodness for good friends! :) Of course, Charlie did mention that if all those girls who just graduated from JMH find out Bowes is going to be there they may all show up and watch--which could be distracting--lol!

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