Monday, March 9, 2009

Our small bathroom off the garage entry has been bothering me. The way the "men" laid it out you would have to stand on the toilet to wash your hands. But with the pedestal sink (all that would fit) there was no way to move things around because of where the plumbing was. Then I asked...why couldn't we get a narrow vanity, turn it sideways so it is on the same wall as the toilet and just cut the side out instead of the back for the pipes? Answer--we can. Problem--limited space. Solution...a vanity that isn't a vanity! We bought a hall cabinet (what they called it) that kind of looks like an old-fashioned washstand. Then searched high and low for a small vessel sink--hard to find--but of course e-bay came through! So here it all fits the feel of the house, and goes in beside the toilet nicely!

The "washstand"

The sink

The faucet

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