Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pics from the kitchen, no countertop yet, but everything is coming togther. We do have an issue with the cabinets--they are not as "whitewashed" as the sample and we're not impressed. We wanted the whitewashed look to match the rustic style of the rest of the houe. At first it was hard to tell, with only the small sample, and the cabinets mostly in boxes in the garage, so we argued, but not too much. Now that they are up, we have found some trim pieces that ARE the right we're not crazy, and have started to complain a bit more vociferously. Someone is coming on Monday to look at them. I do LOVE our kitchen island--one of our best finds--and the apron/farmhouse sink, which I got for a steal-of-a-deal on e-bay.

And while I am complaining.... Our windows and doors came from Atlantic Door and Window and were installed last summer. One came already broken and the door has leaked since we got it. The guy came in September to replace and repair...brought the wrong window and nothing for the door. Said he'd be back shortly. He finally came back in February--and brought the exact same WRONG window pane he brought in September, and again couldn't do the door. We have Kent's chasing them, but seriously folks, if you're looking at doors and windows and want any kind of customer service, don't expect it from Atlantic


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