Monday, March 16, 2009

Gary and I spent several hours Friday night cleaning the floors of footprints and dust, and then 5 1/2 continuous hours on our hands and knees staining them on Saturday night. We used Carlysle's Bradford Umber, and it was not too hard although we were both pretty stiff by the end of it!

A couple of boards went a bit darker than the rest, but in true Carlysle-customer-service style we called the next day (a Sunday!) and the lady who answered explained we could use mineral spirits to lighten it a bit, which worked perfectly. There are also a couple of small spots where the stain didn't take, probably where glue got on the boards, but the nice things about rustic flooring is that it doesn't need to be perfect!

Tonight was the first coat of tung of four...and it was so simple to put can see the difference between the pictures. It is wet of course, and the last two coats are more of a matte, so it won't end up this shiny, but it looks BEAUTIFUL! :)

Oh, and please excuse the don't exactly wear your Sunday best! :)


Shannon said...


Your pine floors look great with that bradford umber stain and tung oil. I saw your blog when searching that. We are considering the same thing except we plan to top nail. Do you still like your floors and are they stable (no cupping, excessive movement, etc)? Was the sanding, stain and tung oil process easy (relatively) for the do it yourselfer? Any other thoughts or hints?

The finished pictures look good too (although they had construction dust on them).


Anonymous said...

They still look great....a few dents and dinges--we have two kids under 5 and a Golden Retriever--but that just adds character. There has been no cupping or movement at all...we glued and then nailed though the tongues, with old square-head nails top-nailed through any of the wider boards, although more for effect than to actually hold them.

You do not have to sand...they come very smooth! And the stain and tung oil was much easier than we expected...especially the oil--it was like mopping a floor. Stain was easy although hard on the knees and back :)

We really love the floors and are very glad we did it! And Carlysle flooring staff were extra-ordinary in their customer service. We had a question while staining--on a Sunday afternoon--and they actually answered our call and helped us out!!